Application over unvented attic spaces?

The primary roof system must be ventilated to prevent excessive moisture build-up in the interior structure as the WIP 300HT is a non-breathable low permeance roofing underlayment. Carlisle will have no responsibility for any deleterious effects when the WIP roofing underlayments are applied over non-vented roof systems.

Approved Contact Adhesives and Mastic?

When the substrate must be primed, the following contact adhesives are manufactured and recommended for use with the WIP roofing underlayments: CCW 702, CCW 702LV, CCW 702WB and CCW Cav-Grip. Furthermore the CCW LM-800XL mastic is compatible with the Water & Ice Protection membranes.

What should I do if the membrane has been exposed longer than the published exposure time?

Photos of the condition of the installed membrane should be forwarded to Technical Services or your local Carlisle Representative for review. In some cases, the membrane will remain eligible for the Watermark Material Warranty, upon completion of repair of damages by other trades or UV degradation.

Field Issues Carlisle Technical services is here to assist in the event that you experience a field issue with a membrane.

Please contact your local Carlisle Representative or Technical Services.

Technical Services